5 Ways For Lead Generation Using Sales Funnel

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It's common to talk about moving a prospect through the sales funnel. Dayna Rothman presents a good example of this lead generation funnel in her article Lead Generation for Dummies ", presenting the process just like a literal funnel as shown in the diagram above. A common mistake of amatuer marketers is to only invest in a few stages of the funnel.

After an account executive identifies a prospect as a qualified sales lead, he or she can then identify the prospect further as a sales opportunity and will undergo further opportunity marketing. Instead, the number of stages of a sales funnel is dependent on the complexity of the overall sales process.

At some point, sales opportunities are removed from the funnel because potential customers become uninterested or you determine their lack of fit. Combine your existing knowledge about your buyer persona with keyword planning research to find content topics and keywords for the ToFu sales funnel stage.

There is a heated debate happening in the marketing and sales worlds over who exactly owns the funnel. In the ecommerce world, BoFU is the stage where you might want to offer a first order discount, free delivery, pay for shipping only" offer, free sample product, or similar catchy offers, like in the examples below.

Then just start drawing a diagram with all relationships between different stages in your sales process. Well, whether you know it or not, your company's sales process is the road that every prospect walks down to become a customer, and mappery.com sales funnel stages are what pave that road.