Days of Code

Class of 2017

In the summer of 2017, 27 students invested 10 days of their lives to learn a new skill.


During the summer of 2017 the second edition of Days of Code took place in Rotterdam. 27 students invested 10 days of their life to learn a new skill. On Friday we gathered at 42workspace to start our journey and finish the next Sunday. One week away from the office, and one week to gather new knowledge and build self-confidence in coding.

Days of Code proudly presents the class of summer 2017 Rotterdam and our amazing speakers, who enlightened our days with various tech talks. Want to be part of our next event? {call to action? but which one?}


Our amazing sponsors allowed us to offer the event to students tuition-free. Many thanks to:



Using HTML, CSS, Javascript and React / Angular, these students created their own beautiful websites.

Bonita Hoevenaar
Caroline Olijve
Fay Gramberg
Gerline Sonneveld
Laura Diaz
Orphé Tan-A-Kiam
Parnian Moharrami
Susan ten Bhömer
Tenicia Post
Zeny Rosalina

Full Stack

These students took a deep dive into HTML & CSS + Ruby on Rails to create fully functional web applications.

David Berg
Iris Fehse
Jasper Tax
Juan Roberto Serrano
Karin Hendrikse
Michelle Lau

Data Science

The Data Science group created webcrawlers (mostly in Python) and used the power of logic to transform complex material into useful data.

Abbey Waldron
Cristina Mackay
Davinia Pettengell
Nikita Reshetnikov
Nelle Kooren
Ramoe Jagesar
Tim Koopman
Tugba Sari Aktas



  • Abbey Waldron from Apicture Analysis
  • Caroline Olijve
  • Fay Gramberg
  • Jeroen Heijmans from Summit
  • Jasper Tax
  • Timon van Spronsen from Awkward
  • Karin Hendrikse
  • Tim Koopman