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Days of code Austin, TX

We offer tuition-free courses in Web Development and Data Science. All courses are project-based in person learning. You will learn new skills by building a project that you feel passionate about. By making use of custom selected online materials, a group of encouraging peers and a mentor, learning is efficient and fun.

One could say that Days of Code is the opposite of distance learning – we are very close learning. Coding events are full-time in person learning. Students learn 60% by self study, 30% peer to peer and the last 10% from their mentors. This means that graduates are independent, good collaborators and by definition learners for life!

Past Events

Our first ever coding bootcamp took place in Rotterdam in 2016. It was a magical event

In 2017, 27 amazing students graduated from Days of Code Rotterdam. They built some awsome projects. Have a look at what they said:

10 Days of Code

Austin TX

Ten days is the a perfect amount of time to learn a new skill. We start on Friday evening and finish the next Sunday, meaning only one week away from the office. A three-step release cycle ensures that you've learnt a new skill and built a great project in just ten days! Choose between Front-End, Full Stack or Data Science. We also offer courses for entrepreneurs and professionals. Our next ten day coding event will take place from 9 to 18 February 2018.

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Or do you want more? Why not commit to 100 Days

100 Days of Code

Austin TX

Diving is one of the most magical sports on the planet. We always see the beautiful stretching out. The silence. The immence concentration. And then... the jump. What we did not see, is the months, even years it took to prepare for that one moment.

You are here now and we don't know your story (yet). But somewhere in your life seeds were planted. People told you that you were talented (or not). You were promised beautiful things in life. Some of these promises came true and others did not. Hundreds of event in your life, big and small, have brought you to this moment. You were promised a beautiful career. And now you are here. Just like the diver. And the question is: are you ready?

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Organizing Team

The people behind Days of Code is the core of what we are: Each person is an industry expert in his/her field. We are 100% dedicated to bringing you the best education we can.

  • Meghann Agarwal
    Data Science Syllabus Creator

    After completing a M.A. in physics, Meghann taught herself everything necessary to become a Data Scientist and has been working in the field ever since. In her role as a co-organizer for a local data science meetup group, Meghann loves to bring what she's learned to others transitioning into Data Science or looking to hone their skills. This experience and desire to create spaces for sharing knowledge makes Meghann the perfect syllabus creator for our Data Science track.

  • Chantal Piët
    Entrepreneur Enabler

    Chantal moved to the US with her husband and two suitcases after winning the greencard lottery. One of these suitcases contained a "stroopwafel" iron - a machine used to bake delicious Dutch cookies. Chantal is an inspiration to all who meet her - she has managed to build the Stroopclub into a very successfull business in a little over two years. We're very lucky to have such an astute and determined entrepreneur to help with creating the syllabus for the 10 Dasy of Code Entrepreneurship track.

  • Youssef Chaker
    Lead Volunteer Recruiter

    Youssef holds a BSc in Computer Engineering and has gained broad experience in software development in various roles. With over a decade of experience in Ruby on Rails, Youssef's company develops high quality customized software for its clients. Youssef has astonishing ideas about the world and the position of minorities in it and is brave enough to talk openly about this. Over the past three years Youssef has become an integral part of Austin's tech community and it's an honor to have him as part of our team!

  • Karin Hendrikse
    Lead Communication Strategist

    With a Bachelor's degree in communcation and several years experience in the field, Karin is more than competent to lead our communication strategy for Days of Code. She has a keen mind and amazing ability to distill information into what is the core, the main message. The greatest thing about having Karin on our team is that she brings a creative energy with her which makes the team click together happy and determined.

  • Chu-Ting Fan
    Lead UX designer

    Chu-Ting has completed a bachelors degree in Library and Information Science and is currently studying towards an M.S. Information Studies at the University of Texas at Austin School of Information. Originally from Taiwan, she decided to complete her graduate degree in the US out of a great curiosity and interest in people. She has a sharp eye for detail and is able to point out where the pain lies for the user with a glance. Her research in UX design makes her the perfect person to think about and implement UX strategies at Days of Code.

  • Cindy Satijn
    Lead Graphic Designer

    Cindy completed her studies in Graphic Design in the Netherlands in 2006. She has been working in the field ever since, supplying her clients with a cup of creativity . With remarkable efficiency and professionalism Cindy creates and designs extrodinary products exceeding all expectations. Perhaps her greatest talend is that Cindy never loses the person in her designs: Each project is aimed at and produced for an individual. We are honored to have Cindy as part of our team!

  • Zeny Rosalina
    Social Media Guru

    Zeny has a bachelor's degree in communication and a remarkable talent for communication with a twist: Visual communication through social media. A guru at social media, she understands how to bring her clients' branding and PR to the 21st centuary. In the blink of an eye she is able to gather Instagram and Facebook followers. But what goes on behind the scenes is breathtaking: Zeny thinks about every click, every link and each hashtag, making sure branding is and remains at the core of all her communication. We are lucky to have such a creative and talented communication expert as part of our team!

  • Muriel Grobler
    Lead Student Recruiter

    Muriel is originally from South African and holds a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering. She has a passion for education and some refreshing ideas about how industry and learning should strenghten each other. Days of Code started out as a hobby-project in 2015 and she's been working on the project full-time since 2016. Muriel's ability to gather talented and enthusiastic people is her greatest strength. With dedication she has lead Days of Code through many challenges (some greater than others), never once losing faith in its vision.

  • Ashley DiStefano
    Strategic Consultant

    Ashley holds a Bachelor of Science and has a rare talent for strategic event organization. In her work, Ashley thinks about the end goal rather than getting lost in the details. She is incredibly efficcient - being able to communicate strategy to her team, gaining input and getting everyone on-board in a single meeting. Her outlook on life is wholistic: Ashley believes in a better future for all, yet is not naive about the road which will lead us there. With Ashley's experience with ATX hack for change, she is an invauable member of our team, our compass, keeping us going the right way.

  • Abbey Waldron
    Ruby on Rails Syllabus Creator

    Abbey holds a PhD in Science and is a self-taught programmer. To Abbey being able to code offers one a great freedom in life. To her this means being able to live where you choose and doing meaningful work, like using Twitter to detect natural disasters or investigating radiation with mobile phone cameras. When she is not working, she can mostly be found dancing tango. Abbey has much experience in education and we're honored to have her as a part of our team!

  • Candi Noble
    Event Photographer

    Candi is an extrodinary and talented photographer. She is able to capture not only the moment, but also the character of those being photographt in a single great shot. A genius at finding beauty in simplicity, portraits is one of her greatest strengths. Candi is able to make the shyest model feel at ease with her gentle character and great sense of humor. It is a great privelege to have Candi as part of our team!


We are currently looking for mentors, speakers and technical assistants.

Commitment: Our amazing volunteers allow us to offer this education tuition free to participants. We are currently looking for mentors and speakers with skills in basic HTML& CSS, React, Angular, Ruby on Rails and Python.

Why join? Volunteering at Days of Code will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. There is something beautiful in seeing a person's face light up when they understand something new. We promise that every hour you contribute will be used efficiently

Employer Benefits: If your employer agrees to give you time off work for volunteering, your company automatically becomes a Days of Code Partner, entitling you to partnership discount when recruiting Days of Code graduates.

Join us!

2018 Volunteers

Meghann Agarwal

Meghann Agarwal

Meghann has a M.A. in physics and works as a Data Scientist. She will be mentoring for the Data Science track at 10 Days of Code.

Youssef Chaker

Youssef Chaker

Youssef has a BS in Computer engineering and the founder of Bear & Giraffe. He will be mentoring for the Web Development track at 10 Days of Code.

Natasha Robarge

Natasha Robarge

Natasha is a skilled developer with skills in both front- and Backend engineering. We're happy to have Natasha as a volunteer for 10 Days of Code!

Ryan Heneise

Ryan Heneise

Ryan holds a M.A. and is the founder of Booster Stage. It's a real honor to have him as a volunteer for 10 Days of Code!

Mateo Clarke

Mateo Clarke

Mateo has a B.A. in Economics & Latin American Studies and is currently working as a Front End Engineer at the City of Austin. It's great to have Mateo as a volunteer for 10 Days of Code!

Lee Harpel

Lee Harper

Lee has a PhD in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry and educated Data Scientist. We are happy to have Lee as a volunteer for 10 Days of Code!

Happiness Kisoso

Happiness Kisoso

Happiness has a B.S. in Public Relations and is currently working as an IT Business Systems Analyst at the City of Austin. It's great to have Happiness as a volunteer for 10 Days of Code!


Our amazing partners enables this great initiative! Many thanks to:

Learning Tracks

Which of the following best describes you?


  • Loves Design
  • Visual
  • Social
  • User Oriented
  • Styling


  • Logical
  • Practical
  • Loves Detail
  • Mathematical
  • Functionality


  • Analytical
  • Cause and Effect
  • Loves Research
  • Explores Data
  • Needs Evidence

Choose your Career Now

Front End Developer

Becoming a front end developer will open up a career filled with creativity and design for you. You will learn the basics of HTML & CSS, and basic Javascript, enabling you to build and design beautiful websites. If you choose to continue with 100 Days of Code, you will learn AngularJS, one of the most sought after skills in 2017.

Back End Developer

Life as a back end developer is never dull. A back end developer is able to design and build web applications. This is a website which can process data, for example a blog or recipes website where users can upload their own websites. You will learn all the inns and outs of Ruby on Rails.

Data Scientist

Data Science is definitely the new sexy! With so much data available everywhere, the sky is the limit. Being able to process and analyze data has so many applications. You could predict the prices of property in the future, or analyze electricity consumption to tell a user when their fridge is broken. You will learn to process large sets of data using Python. Concepts such as machine learning and neural networks will become every day tools for you.


Days of Code strives to offer a high quality education at affordable prices. The costs for 10 and 100 days of code are:

10 Days of Code: free!

100 Days of Code: free!

I don't understand... how can you offer this without charing?

We try to combine a bunch of things (including volunteers, using existing online materials and charging a placement fee) to enable us to offer you a great education without you paying. That doesn't mean that your education is free though, just that we won't charge you.

Application Process

We select students based on three criteria: Ability, Attitude and Commitment. Our application process is simple: Four easy steps and your in! The process is the same for ten than for 100 Days of Code, only the time commitment for pre-work is different. Students who are still doubting if a career in technology is the right thing for them are strongly encouraged to attend 10 Days of Code first.

We are using a rolling application process: students apply and are continuously accepted based on our selection criteria. This means that the earlier you enroll, the larger your chances of getting accepted: once all spots are filled, enrollment closes. We strongly encourage 10 Days of Code applicants to sign up no later than December 15th

Step 1: Form

After you've decided to join for 10 or 100 Days of Code, please make sure that you are able to join for the entire course. Our coding events are full time in person learning.

Step 2: Pre-work

You will be assigned pre-work based on your ability and experience. Don't worry if you are a complete beginner, we will make sure that your assignment is suited to you. You will never feel overwhelmed, just make sure to dedicate the time required for your pre-work, which is:

10 hours (10 Days of Code)
80 hours (100 Days of Code)

Step 3: Interview

Once you've completed your pre-work, you'll schedule an interview with our student recruiter. You will talk through your pre-work and figure out a great project for you to work on. This is not a technical interview - you've already proven your ability and commitment by completing the pre-work.

Step 4: Enrollment!

Successful applicants can now enroll in the course. This involves nothing more than a few forms. After this you can get excited about attending 10 Days of Code (February 9th to 18th, 2018) or 100 Days of Code (June 1st to August 31st 2018).